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Tuesday, March 30, 2010 

Don't let go of the tripod

Don't let go of the tripod, originally uploaded by PMMPhoto.

"The light was very flat and poor but I decided to stay around and just experiment with shutter speed and standing in way of the breaking waves.

I'd already managed to break a leg off my tripod before this point and only managed to "fix" it by jamming one of the leg sections back in so that I could use it (waist height only now, it won't budge). I normally bring a spare tripod but not this day.

After a soaking some weeks before I was head to toe waterproofed and thought catching the waves as they hit me might be an interesting thing to capture. I would have liked the camera to be lower but that's no longer possible with this tripod :o(

The follow through of this wave hit me and the camera about waist hieght. I was shooting on continuous bursts repeating to myself "do not let go of the tripod, do not let go of the tripod...."

Turns out the camera is very water resistant. On more than a dozen occaisions the camera was probably under the water for 5 secs or more. But don't sue me if your camera ceases to function when under water though.

2 stop hard ND Grad"

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