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Friday, April 29, 2011 

Royalty Free Zone

Royalty Free Zone, originally uploaded by The Flying Monk.

"Catriona has been back on the island, catching up with friends and family. The past seven days have been a pleasant break from her hectic work schedule. She was due to return to work in London today but her travel plans changed abruptly on hearing a couple of holidaymakers discussing the Royal Wedding. In her time on the island she'd totally forgotten about it. A split second later she was sprinting up the ferry slipway, not stopping until she made it all the way back to Scalpay and her grandfather's house, 28 miles and three hours later. No TV. No radio. No phone. No bunting. No street party. No electricity. No possible means of hearing or seeing anything remotely connected to the 'big day'. Now Catriona can relax. On Friday, just like every other day, grandfather's house will be a royalty free zone."

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