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Sunday, March 13, 2011 

'Running Down Time' (Glasgow,Scotland)

"Here's an early morning image of the 'Clyde Clock' I took on the way to work recently.

Glaswegians really confuse me - when I was taking this the people shuffling around the city were darting baffled expressions and dirty looks my way.

For what? Taking a photo of one of the city's many interesting landmarks?

I find this astonishing as I walk past here every day and no one bats an eyelid at the pools of sick, takeaway wrappers, food splattered on the pavement and on the walls and the empty drinks cans and bottles - especially at the Royal Concert Hall which you can see across the street here, where late-night revellers mainly leave unsightly evidence of their drunken excesses.

It makes me wish that some of the locals would drag themselves out of the dark ages and take a bit of pride in what they've got instead of treating it like a trash can.

That said, I had been trying to get a nice shot of the Clyde Clock for some time and, despite the confused looks of some Glasgow Neanderthals, I think managed to get one that does this landmark a bit of well-earned justice....."

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hi do you have this phot avalibel to buy been looking for one of that clock for ages

hi do you have this phot avalibel to buy been looking for one of that clock for ages

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