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Saturday, September 18, 2010 

We'll Kill the Fatted Calf Tonight (So Stick Around!)

"The Popemobile? Hey wait a minute...I thought the BATmobile was coming to town? I demand a recount. :-)

Pope Benedict XVI in the aforementioned Popemobile on Lothian Road, just opposite The Usher Hall.

It wasn't the easiest to get a decent shot...through green tinted glass...highly reflective...with no time to mess about with a polarising filter. I've adjusted the colour temp/balance...boosted the contrast...and generally polished in Photoshop.

Disappointing that he didn't opt for Rangers tartan...but there's no accounting for fashion sense. ;-)

As for the title....well...Bennie & The Jets you see...and the lyric also fits in a religious context.

Oh...and the Police estimates of the crowds in Edinburgh today are clearly absolute guff! They are saying 125,000...but at Hogmanay the crowds are now limited to 100,000...and it was nothing like as busy. I've seen the TV pics from Princes Street...and Lothian Road was pretty quiet...I think about a quarter of the official estimate would be nearer the mark."

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