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Friday, March 19, 2010 

John Byrne

John Byrne, originally uploaded by Alex Boyd.

"John Byrne is an artist and playwright whose work I've enjoyed since studying his well known Slab Boys Trilogy (in four parts) at school many years ago, and his illustrations adorn several of my Beatles and Donovan records.

Yesterday as I was coming back from the Scottish Parliament John got on the same train, and I spoke to him for a short while about his work, and he kindly enquired about my own. He was incredibly friendly, and I appreciated him taking the time to chat to a complete stranger in such a warm and accommodating way.

I've never really taken any street photography before (I'm quite a shy person) but I decided to get over my fears and take this shot of him at Queen Street Station in Glasgow. Other than a quick crop, it is pretty much straight from the camera and I'm quite happy with it - I might have to try more in the future."

What a nice face to ponder!

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