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Monday, April 13, 2009 

The New Arrivals

The New Arrivals, originally uploaded by Chris Frear.

"I've waited three years to get this image.

A local hill shepherd tends to a Ewe and her newly born lambs on a Scottish Hillside this afternoon.

Having taken a photograph of the shepherd last week, he was fine with me being in the field as he tended to the Ewe. With his help she had just given birth to two lambs.

The first lamb covered in meconium (yellow colour) had become stuck in the birth canal with one leg and its head stuck out the ewe. Obviously in distress, we spotted the Ewe from the car in distress and managed to find the shepherd. He arrived in time to save the first now obviously weaker lamb as well as bringing its twin into the world. Following their birth, the two lambs and the ewe were taken back to the farm where an eye will be kept on them for a few days until the lambs are strong enough to go back out on the hills.

More images of rural life can be found on my main website at www.frearphoto.co.uk"

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