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Wednesday, November 19, 2008 

Glorious Fool

Glorious Fool, originally uploaded by Kenny Maths.

"Behold! I give you Mr John Martyn who is indirectly responsible for me having taken up photography seriously...and VERY directly responsible for giving me immense pleasure from his music and live performances.

As for how he led to me taking up photography, I've already detailed that story here:

Ain't No Saint -

The wheel turns full circle...or so they say. The first time I ever saw John Martyn perform it was on his Grace and Danger tour. Tonight I attended a concert where he played all of this (now) classic album.

Most of it is about his marriage break-up. At the time he recorded it, he was working with Phil Collins (who drums on the album) and who was also going through a divorce.

It should be too painful to listen to...it's sublime.

John Martyn is a mass of contradictions (but then again...aren't we all?) He's not a household name, but he really should be. His music is the stuff of beauty...it stirs the soul...and moves the heart.

He started out as a folkie, but his music is a mix of folk, jazz, blues, funk, rock and probably a few other influences all fused into a unique style.

Some of my pictures of him have appeared on a couple of official releases...the wheel turns full circle.

Tonight I was in the happy position of having permission to photograph the whole of his concert at the Royal Concert Hall in Glasgow. My considerable thanks for this are due to John Hillarby (who runs the official John Martyn website) who arranged it with Roy, the tour manager.

If you've never heard of John Martyn, you owe it to yourself (and to a superb artist) to at least find out more. The official website is here:


You can hear some of his classic tracks here:


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