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Thursday, October 30, 2008 

Westhall, revisited.

Westhall, revisited., originally uploaded by Kieran Campbell.

"As promised, I went back to Westhall with some flashy assistance. Thanks to Tayne for the bursts with the purple gel. He took a similar shot beside this one.

We had quite a gathering tonight - 8 flickrites on the go which makes it bigger than the last Scottish meet. Anyway that's the last of the star trails for now, any more and folks will probably get bored so I'll have to scope out some new subjects for the next new moon.

Strobist: Nikon SB800 at full power with purple gel fired three times at the far right ( where the flare is), three times by the front door, three times in the bar and four times in the ballroom ( additional lighting from 8-10 tealights). Canon 430ex fired at 1/4 power on the outer right side of the building four times."

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