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Monday, January 08, 2007 

Spirit of Scotland

Spirit of Scotland, originally uploaded by dmcneil.

Several years after initial discussions regarding the siting of a substantial monument to recognise the historical significance of the area during the Scottish Wars of Independence, an impressive sculpture entitled ‘Spirit of Scotland’ has been erected. This unique sculpture, created by local artist Richard Price, stands on the Wallace Path at Loudounhill, part of the 35 miles of path network around the Irvine Valley area.

The area is most famous for the Battle of Loudoun Hill in 1297 when William Wallace fought and won against the English with his successful ambush of King Edward I's baggage train.
Part of Richard’s original idea for this sculpture was to draw attention to the Valley and its regeneration. Much of the work on the piece has been a labour of love by him and many of the parties involved, and the result is now there for others to enjoy and hopefully take pride in. Battles against tyranny evoke a powerful response whether they are current or historic. Many spirited and courageous people have fought for the freedoms, which we enjoy today. Perhaps this sculpture in a small way will remind us of their spirit and sacrifice.
Creation of the sculpture has been made possible with the support of Tarmac Northern Ltd, the Irvine Valley Regeneration Partnership, East Ayrshire Woodlands and East Ayrshire Council. Standing at over 5 metres high, it is made of fabricated steel with hand forged surface decoration. The decoration represents some elements of historical associations with this local landmark."

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