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Sunday, September 10, 2006 

Happy Birthday Big Tam

Happy Birthday Big Tam, originally uploaded by Rod Monkey.

"Taken last month at the Edinburgh Film Festival during a BAFTA Scotland screening, interview and presentation in honour of Sir Sean Connery. It was also the big man's 76th birthday and he was in good form as he chatted about his life and career. He was born & brought up just round the corner from my flat on a street called Fountainbridge. The cinema where the event took place was also on Fountainbridge, so it was a real homecoming for him.

Technically this pic is pretty dreadful - the lighting was poor, I didn't have flash or the lens I needed, and I've had to crop this from a much larger image - but I love the cheeky smile and the twinkle in his eye...although I have a feeling he was pointing me out to security saying 'you better pay for this boy' :)"

Reading that makes me miss Scotland all the more.
I moved to Edinburgh for half a year & lived on a street called Gardners Cres, which was just off fountainbridge.

Oh to be back in Scotland!

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